How To Take Online Ordering Through Facebook Page [Step-By-Step Guide]

Facebook Ordering System

How To Take Online Ordering Through Facebook Page [Step-By-Step Guide]

If your business has taking ordering online like restaurant business or eCommerce business. You’ve probably had a Facebook page and other social media channels to engage with customers. According to the data, there are 3.03 billion active social media users, approx 91 % of retail businesses/brands use two or more social media channels for their business promotion and engagement.

Adding Start Order Button to Your Facebook Restaurant Page

Facebook offers the main “CTA” button to your online ordering Facebook page. Before this, you need to add the Facebook ordering system to your Facebook profile page. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the blue “Add a button” on your Facebook profile page.
  • You can see the pop-up menu of ‘Edit Page Button’. In that, choose the “Start Order” call to action.
  • Then go to your Facebook page dashboard in Admin> Publishing>Facebook and copy the smart link (You can get the smart link from ordering systems like GloriaFood and Upmenu)
  • Paste the link into the field provided as “Where can people order your food online?” and click “save

That’s all, when customers/users visit your Facebook page this customized CTA button will entice your customers to use online ordering.

Benefits of Facebook Ordering System

  • It will help you to increase sales of the business.
  • Facebook ordering system paves a faster route to order the food by opening your ‘Menu’ in a new tab, where your customers can scroll the items to pick the order instant, instead of visiting your website separately.
  • If you post any discount offers/festival sessions with the delicious picture of foods, there will be a high chance to order right away through the “Start Order” button.
  • A perfectly optimized page with the ‘order’ CTA button of your restaurant page will appealing customers/people in your local area.
  • By posting irresistible food promos/discount offers at top of your menu will hook your customers and you’ll get more orders.
  • By installing a Facebook ordering tool on your Facebook page will broadens your reach and increases brand visibility and posting reviews, stars, feedback on the post, ultimately ends in boost customer loyalty and increase in customer retention.

Facebook’s online ordering system for businesses is helpful to reach & engage more customers and earn higher sales. If you see the data 75% of users search for restaurants on Facebook before they place an order. Hence, the Facebook ordering system brings you to unlock more opportunities to grow a strong-solid customer base and to get more orders as well.

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