Tips To Increase Your Views On Medium The Experts Won’t Tell You

Tips To Increase Your Views On Medium The Experts Won't Tell You

Tips To Increase Your Views On Medium The Experts Won’t Tell You

Are you the content writer?

Are you feeling demotivated because your content going unnoticed on the medium?

The right place for you is medium. Medium is the place where we get a higher chance to increase our content visibility and likes even though you are not a big influencer.

Give a second life to your content and increase your audience with the medium.

Why you should start publishing your content on medium :

Easy to import from anywhere

Easy to connect with a larger audience

Help you to engage with your audience

Bring your content to front of a new audience.

Now hope you have understood the importance of posting content on medium.

Now the question arises?

How to increase your views on the medium?

  1. Connect with medium publications
  2. Use an attractive image
  3. Edit and repost your article
  4. Follow who engage with your content
  5. Follow consistency
  6. Create a shorter title
  7. Format your post properly
  8. Make it personal
  9. Choose your tags well

1. Connect with the medium publication :

To make your content to much larger audience contact publication on medium. Getting featured on publication will help you to grow your audience and help you to increase your content views.

Pitch your content idea to publication and ask them to add on their publication. So that your content will get Infront of a larger audience.

Some of the marketing publication are :

2.  Use an attractive image :

Yes, it is important to use the image in your content. Use image at the top of the post, include image between the paragraph and every section. Article with images gets 94% More views and shares. Images help the user to understand the content easier.

Use attractive image

3. Edit and repost your article :

If you think your content is underperformed, nothing wrong in giving your article second chance. Edit your article and republish it again at right time to get more views. If it fails again, do some changes in your article topic and repost it again.

4. Follow who engage with your content :

Follow the people who engage with your content (like or comment) so that they will come back to your content. Give them chance to read your other article and recommend others.

5. Follow consistency :

Post consistently on medium to build loyal followers and improve online visibility. It takes time to get results. Just keep doing it regularly and make sure to add value to your audience.

6. Create a shorter title :

Writing a catchy title is the key to your content success. As everyone knows your title is the gateway to your content, your title should be short and catchy.

Make sure to follow the below tips to write the catchy title :

  • Use numbers in your title
  • Be controversial to stand out from the crowd
  • Use what, why, how, or when
  • Describe your reader problem.
  • Use call to action to increase your CTR

Implement above-mentioned tips to create a catchy title.

7. Format your post properly :

Formatting your content helps you to increase your readers time on your post.

The best practice you should follow to format

  • Choose attractive images
  • Breakup your paragraph and use subheading
  • Use the table of content if possible
  • Pick the perfect font style and color
  • Use listicle

8. Make it personal :

The reason to launch your content on the medium is to connect with your audience.

Isn’t it?

If yes, give your visitor more values and encourage them to comment.

The more personal you get; the more people react to your post.

9. Choose your tags well

Give your content an opportunity to get more views by adding proper tags. People will follow the tag page as they do for people.

Increase Views On medeium

Add tag as a customer and select another tag by selecting best and relevant tags from the dropdown.

Use the above lines to optimize your content on medium and go viral on Medium!

If you have any other tips or question feel free to share them in comment

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