What Is The Secret To Build Successful Facebook Ads?

What Is The Secret To Build Successful Facebook Ads?

80% of internet users use Facebook. Did you agree that most of us use most of the lifetime in facebook everyday?

If yes? Then you should also agree that Facebook will be the most powerful platform to promote your business.

Wondering how to promote your business on facebook. Keep reading to get more tips.

Things to keep in mind to create successful Facebook ads :

Ad copy :

Ad copy is the major factor to build successful facebook ads. Your ad copy should make your customer listen and speak directly to your customer.

Headline: Your headline is the first thing your customer read. You should add CTA in the headline. Make sure to answer what, why and how in the headline. Use keywords like “Urgency” and “New” in the headline to trigger visitors. Mention offers, incentives in the headline to encourage your customer to click on your ad.

Description :

Writing a description is a bit tricky than Ad copy.

Here are some of the tips for you to create an effective description :

  1. Use “What if” to describe in a better way.

For example : What if you had your competitors’ keywords at your fingertips?

  1. Add Facts in your Facebook description
  2. Explain how your product or services helpful for your customer.
  3. Make sure to ask questions to your targeted audience. Research by outbrain shows that Description starts with a question mark than exclamatory or full stop gets higher attention.
  4. Use verbs in your description to make people engage or complete action from the Facebook ad
  5. Compare yourself with the competitor and describe it wisely. Tell your customer the right reason why they should get your service or product.
  6. Create curiosity.

Image :

Let your image speak louder than your ad copy and description.

Here are few facebook ad hacks are :

  1. Be colorful
  2. Make sure to add value proposition in ad image clearly.
  3. Use a relevant and high-quality image.
  4. Make sure to avoid more content in the image. Highlight your offer or incentives and call to action in the image.

Note: Use to check content count in facebook image ad.

  1. Make sure to use licensed fonts in the Facebook ad image.

Worried that you don’t have adequate knowledge in photoshop?

No worries, You have so many online tools to create a facebook ad.

Some of the online tools to create Facebook ads are

Canva and


How to create a Facebook ad?

You can create your Facebook ad using Facebook ad manager.

Create a new campaign in Facebook ad manager.

What are the campaign available on Facebook?

Facebook ad campaign


Before starting the campaign make sure to have a clear idea about your marketing goal.

There are different marketing goal you can choose based on the above screenshot.

After that name your campaign as per below screenshot

Facebook ad Engagement

Setup your audience, placement and create your ad set.

Facebook ad Engagement

Leverage A/B testing to find which ad generates more engagement, leads, and conversion.

Now the question arises on how to track website click and visit right?

Follow these steps to insert pixel on your website.


You will find pixels below the event manager. Click that pixel to insert pixel in your website and track your website clicks and visit.

Now copy the pixel code and paste it on your website header.

You can customize the code based on your conversion.

How to download the leads collected from lead generation campaign?

Go to your facebook page and click publishing tools menu where you will find an option called leads as per below screenshot.

Publishing tools

Lead generation facebook

Click lead ads form to download leads.

What are the metrics you should analyze to optimize the campaign?

Marketing is the science. The regular analysis of your Facebook marketing will help you to ensure your campaign success.

You can find different metrics report in Facebook ad manager console. Few metrics are

  • Cost-per-click
  • Cost-per-conversion
  • Impressions
  • Unique Link Clicks

To find the performance of individual ad set in the campaign you can navigate to adset and ad tab.

You can customize your metric in the dashboard.

Facebook ad metric

Some of the important metric you should use to optimize your campaign :

Relevance score : Relevance score estimates how good your ad is performing. Higher your relevance better your result could be.

Frequency: Frequency estimates how many times your ad are displaying to same audience. It is calculated by a number of impressions an ad delivers divided by the number of unique visitors who were reached by the ad.

  • Cost per result
  • Click
  • Impression
  • Messaging
  • Media

You can breakdown your campaign report for better understanding such as

  • Breakdown by time
  • Breakdown by Delivery
  • Breakdown by actions

Facebook metric breakdown

Alright, I hope you got all the basic information on how to run successful Facebook ads. Never assume without data. Keep testing and optimize your campaign based on insights for better results.

Do you want to get support from our expert to run successful Facebook ads? Contact us now.

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