All You Need To Know About The Learning Phase In Facebook Advertising

All You Need To Know About The Learning Phase In Facebook Advertising

When you are running a Facebook ad, it is important to understand the learning phase.
The learning phase is a period of time where you are trying new things and evolving as a business. This is the time to make mistakes and learn from them.

What is the Learning Phase?

The Learning Phase is the first phase of Facebook advertising. When you launch a new Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign, the ad set within that campaign enters the “learning phase.” This learning phase is specific to each ad set, and Facebook and Instagram use this data to offer tailored recommendations on how to improve your campaign’s performance. To exit the learning phase you should get 50 conversions in 7 days.

How Can You Tell If You Are In The Learning Phase?

Your delivery column shows “learning” when you are in the learning phase. You can check your ad set status in the delivery column in Facebook ad manager.

Best practices to exit the learning phase

Usually, in the learning phase, ad are less stable and you will get results in higher CTA. To avoid this you should exit the learning phase asap.

Keep reading to know the best practices that you should follow to exit the learning phase :

Do not edit your ad set until it is out of the learning phase. During the learning phase, ad set may not perform well as it will learn the target audience during the learning phase. When you edit your adset, ad set may again go-to the learning phase. So do not edit your adset until it is out of the learning phase until there is a need.
Avoid so many adset. When you’re having so many adset and ads facebook will take much time to learn and exit the learning phase. Avoid so many adset and combine similar adset into single adset.
Avoid low conversion volume: use a realistic budget to get at least 50 conversions over 7 days to exit the learning phase. Avoid small audience size as larger audiences generate 50 conversions over 7 days.

Why the Learning phase is important :

You shouldn’t avoid the learning phase completely as it is also important to test the audience and creatives to improve your performance.
Make sure to follow the above best practices to exit learning

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