Did You Know Which SEO Trends Raise Your Business in 2021?

SEO Trends in 2021

Did You Know Which SEO Trends Raise Your Business in 2021?

Times Change and we Change with them

You May Know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Evolving. Yes, that’s indeed True!

Have to stay updated on changes and that can be a crucial & challenging one!

So, Get Ready for SEO Trends for 2021 to raise your business successfully. Some of them are evergreen and constant but you should keep an eye on some other important factors.

Be continuous to invest in the most organic way of ranking with SEO.

Hungry Google (E-A-T) Your Content :

Content going to fulfil the GOOGLE’s EAT Principle will Rank Higher on Search Engine and E-A-T Principle (Expertise, authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) determine if a webpage has useful quality content.

Quality content comes from three ways. One, Create Buyer Persona it will give you the value of content Second, Conduct Search Intent this way you know about the customer journey, and Finally, Use this above information and write the proper content that fits the format the customer prefers.

Featured Snippets [Small Pieces That Makes The Big Picture) 

When you search something on Google on SERPs TOP of the page in BOX format is “Snippet”. Focus on Question-based Queries and Relevant Keywords you can able to create snippets and know about this to Google.

Get the help from Google search Function “people also ask”.

SEO trendsVideo [Visual Treat With Play Button]

Didn’t you tried so far about the video creation. Don’t worry Let’s Begin!.

For an effective SEO strategy, you’ll need to include Video. YouTube is the world second largest search engine next to Google

Recent Study by Cisco “video is projected to surpass all other content forms in terms of consumption”.

Focus on Optimizing your video Channel Name, Description as a User-friendly Nature also focus on Search intent keywords.

Semantic Search [Write For USER! Not For BOTS!]

Google now evolving and a better understanding of behind the intent of a query that you typed into the search engine.

In Simple Terms, a semantic search was created to understand the search intent better through a search query’s contextual meaning.

To address this Problem:

One, Create content designed to answer a question that your Target audience would pose.

Two, optimize for a topic cluster instead of focus solely on keywords

Finally, Structure the content in a logical way and provide better value to your audience.

Local SEO [Thinking Global Going Local]

Most of all Thinking Internet is global in nature, Yes Indeed but most people use search engines to find localized Products and services.

How to optimize for local :

1. Start Creating “Google My Business” Page

Google My Business2. Creating strong Backlink is also Important by listing your website on Local Directory

3. Be Active on Local Community around your Business.

UX [Drive Design For User]

One of the Biggest Trends and this to be ever is UX, Focus on User Experience.

Think aboutHow you can help your Users Provide Best User Experience and Best Value?

Content Should Be Pleasant, Structured and Intuitive.

It is important to focus on site speed, site structure, mobile-friendliness and internal & external linking.

Keep in Mind!

Google also use “User Signals = Behavior Patterns” to understand your website user experience. If they leave your website quickly – Google think “This Site might not have Found what they Looking For”


Data & Analytics (Get Intimate With Google/ Web)

In Today World, Compare to Money, Gold Most Precious one is DATA

According to bigdataframework.org “Many studies have shown that data-driven decision is more effective and more efficient than human-generated decisions. Big Data allows organisations to detect trends, and spot patterns that can be used for future benefit”

In two ways we can deal with the data,

One Data Science, it will be Understand your Buyers and Visual Campaigns and Second Analytics, it’ll help you which URLs are getting crawled, identify referral sources, check page loading times, indexing, redirects, response errors, bounce rates, and more…

Getting Help with analytics tools Like Google Analytics, Uber suggest, Ahref, SEMrush SEO tool Kit.

These Ways you can address problems and continuously intimate with Google (Web Presence)


Change is the only constant, so we don’t know what updates will be in the future.

So, Ready for whatever the atmosphere change.

And you have to adapt and adjust accordingly to your business model and

Be on the Track and win the Race!

Let’s start with Digitallyvibed.com and be beneficial to grow your business!

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