Effective Youtube Marketing Strategy To Promote Your Business

Effective youtube marketing strategy 2018

Effective Youtube Marketing Strategy To Promote Your Business

Why it is important to use YouTube for promoting your business?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google which is started in the year 2005.

A study released in 2017 by B2B researchers Clutch, showed 81% of businesses regard YouTube among their most valuable social media platforms, ranking above Twitter at 80% and just behind LinkedIn at 83%.

Reasons for selecting Youtube :

  • Grab the attention of new audience in less investment
  • Increase the awareness for your brand
  • Boost your SEO

Effective YouTube marketing strategy :

1. Do A Lot Of Research Besides The Topic :

Find the discussion in Quora, Reddit, and other social media and try to answer them in your YouTube video. You can also choose the youtube video topic by finding Google suggestion.

Consider this video type before creating your video:

  1. Customer testimonial
  2. On-demand product demonstration videos
  3. Explainer and tutorial videos
  4. Thought leader interviews
  5.  Project reviews and case studies
  6.  YouTube Live
  7.  Event videos
  8.  Video blogs

2.  Increase The Volume :

Show consistency in your work. When you upload the video on the same topic number of years YouTube will recognize you as a trusted source and will help you in ranking. So always be consistent in uploading your usable content

3. Increase The Length Of The Video – Watch Time

Watch time is considered as one of the best factors for ranking videos. So make sure to have a lengthy video with detailed information to topical relevancy and satisfy user intent.

4. Do Proper Keyword Research And Add-In Title

Research your keyword in ad words keyword planner and make sure to have that keyword in Title and description.

YouTube will show only three lines of your description so Make sure to include CTA in starting that will increase your video views.

5. Use Proper Hashtags

Proper hashtags help your video to connect with other similar video. Add important and long tail keywords in hashtags.

6. Mention Call To Action In Video

Use call to action in video to drive the traffic to your website. Call to action is the action what you want visitors to do after watching your video

Here are some attractive call to action you can try

  1. Watch next video
  2. Votes
  3. Ask a question
  4. sign up for the webinar and so on…

7. Social Signals

The most important Youtube ranking factors are watch time, video length, Number of subscriber and user interaction.  make sure to ask viewers for share. Share your video on all other social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on..

8. Encourage Your Visitors To Comment

The only way to interact with your subscriber is a comment. Make sure to end your video by encouraging your visitors to comment and never forget to reply to all comment.

9. Research Your Competition

Keep your eye on competitors. Follow your competitors to track which content gets more attention among your target customers.

Here are the important things you should always look for your competitors

  1. Active influencer
  2. Best performing competitors video content
  3. Metadata analysis

10. Create Playlists And Feature Your Best Content In The Right Column

The playlist is the option to organize the video on the same topic. Creating a playlist is the best option to utilize your competitor video for promoting your video.

11. Customize Video Thumbnails :

YouTube reports that “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails”. YouTube recommends using a 1280 x 720 px image as a thumbnail to improve the clicks and videos views.

12. Videos Cards

Use customized images, CTA, titles to interact with the visitors by pointing to the specific URL.

13. Update Channel Trailer :

Channel trailer is considered to be best option to increase your subscriber. This will display to all your unsubscribed visitors. Make sure to have your trailer in 30-60 sec with an introduction and encourage your visitors to subscribe your channel.

14. Collaborate With Others :

Partner with other Youtube channel by creating a playlist with another channel video to get exposure with a larger audience.

3.25 billion hours of video are watched each month.59%of internet prefer watching the video to reading the text. promoting your brand through Youtube is the best opportunity to promote in less investment.

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Hello! I hope you continue to write such articles about YouTube Strategy for Business! There is definitely something to learn! The information is very well selected and everything is in place! Thanks!