How to Overcome the Audience Overlapping In Facebook Advertisement

how to overcome the audience overlap in facebook ads

How to Overcome the Audience Overlapping In Facebook Advertisement

In the evolution of social media platforms, paid advertisements are one of the key marketing strategies for any business to reach its potential customers. On the queue, Facebook is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms available over others.

By focusing on the Facebook ad performance, there is a common and frequent mistake one which makes in Facebook advertising is ‘‘audience overlapping’’.

What Is Audience overlapping?

In simple words, audience overlapping is promoting the content to two or more similar target audiences. When your audience sees your ads multiple times your audience may get bored which tends to reduce the effectiveness of ads.

Let’s take the following example to understand the audience overlapping problem

If you are plan to run ads for the ‘Shoes and Sneakers Company’ and divide the target audiences into three parts

  • 1st set of target audience is based on the “interests” ( Those who are interested in shoes and sneakers)
  • 2nd set of audience based on the “demographics” ( age of audience is made up of 20 to 30)
  • 3rd set of target audience based on the “Lookalike customers

Where The Problem Will Occur?

  • Among the audience interested in shoes, probably also will be those aged between 20 to 30 and also vice –versa
  • Also, in lookalike customers, there will also contain those are age between 20 to 30 and also interested in shoes and sneakers

Impacts of Audience Overlapping

  • Your Ad expense will increase
  • Compete with your own other ads (So, you will be paying more than what you should be paying)
  • Your target audience get annoyed ( even have the chances of blocking and leave the negative comments)

Facebook ad manager tool provide the way to discover audience overlap:

  • Click the audience section in the Facebook ad manageraudience overlap
  • Select the audience and compare
  • Click action and show “audience overlap”

With the right planning and strategies can able to avoid & overcome this problem that improves the efficiency of your ads.

Let’s discuss the solutions to overcome the ad fatigue:

  • Refreshing Content
  • Priority Based On Goals and Size
  • Combine the Ad Sets
  • Enhance Your Targeting

Refreshing Content

Create refreshing and creative content that makes the audience more engaging and interactive. Even if you are targeting the same audience, the updated creative content helps to maintain a positive feeling towards your brand and improves the performance of ads as well.

Priority Based On Goals and Size

After getting discover the overlap of the audience, try to give priority to the audience (which audiences are most important?). Put all of your audiences in order and give priority based on the size and goals.

audience overlapCombine the Ad Sets

Creating multiple campaigns to target similar audiences leads to competition with your own ads. By avoiding this, combine the multiple ad sets to one to target the audience.

Enhance Your Targeting

After prioritizing your audiences, let’s dig into the structure the ad sets with the precise and exclusion targeting method.

In each ad, set try to target based on the audience age, gender, location, interest, and behavior-based targeting and more importantly, exclude the audiences based on your prioritization.

By following the above-mentioned suggestions then your ad will be qualified for targeting only one of your audiences.

Building audiences through Facebook advertising is not a cup of cake by incorporating the right set of strategies will yield better campaign performance and results.

Do you want to target the right audience and promote your business successfully?

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