Smart Ways To Generate New Content Ideas

Smart ways to generate new content ideas

Smart Ways To Generate New Content Ideas

Are you looking for ways to generate a topic for your blog, youtube or podcast?

You’re in the right place.

Keep reading to get smart ways to generate new content ideas.

Smart Ways To Generate New Content Ideas        1. Google image tags

Do Google image search with a broad term and look at the tags available in Google image. Combine the Google search and tags to generate new content ideas.

For example :

Google image tagsYou can scroll using the arrow to look at other suggestions as well.

  • Content ideas for Instagram posting
  • Content ideas for blogging

….And many more

    2. Look at the competitors:

To analyze the best topic which is working for your competitor you can check it using Facebook ad library.


Check your competitor’s Facebook ad and analyze their ad. When someone promoting content, which means it is probably working well for them. So, you can also analyze and publish updated content on the same topic.

Research on competitor’s youtube channel:

Research on the competitor’s youtube channel and find it out popular video topics(high view). You can generate any type of content like blog, video, podcast on same topics.

Research on competitor’s youtube channel

Find popular presentations on Slideshare :

Find your competitor’s popular presentation on Slideshare and work on the same topic with updated information.

     3. Niche forum

You can analyze your visitor’s queries using different forums like Quora, Reddit, Ask.com, Answer the public, product hunt and many more.

Before starting you should brainstorm with the following questions :

  1. What questions your prospects have about product or services
  2. What is your prospect’s challenges
  3. How can you educate your visitors?

Find out your visitor’s queries and give your insights, information to your visitors through blog posting, Video content and many more.

   4. Use Exploding Topics

It is suggested to blogging on new topics and trending topics. Because new topics will not have more competitors.

When you have something new to blogging it will surely get more hits and shares.

Try it out. I’m sure it will work out.

How to get new blogging ideas?

You can get it using free tools like https://explodingtopics.com/

Use Exploding TopicsSelect your super-niche category and find it out trending keyword. This will help you to generate new content ideas.

  1. Google analytics :

Find out which content working out well with the help of Google analytics.

How to integrate Google analytics with website?

Copy and paste tracking code from Google Analytics to the website. Once it is done, google analytics will start tracking your website.

This method is effective only when you have good traffic.Once you start generating traffic to your website. Go to the landing page and find it out for which page you got good traffic and start blogging on the same topic.

     6.  Relaunch your Old content :

Find out your week content that results in position 7 to 15. Make your content better by adding more screenshot, videos, case studies, podcast, infographics and many more.

Update the post date and share it again on social media. This will surely help you to increase your organic traffic. If you update underperformed content there is an opportunity to make your content rank higher.

Content ideas

  1.  Google/ Pinterest/ Youtube suggestion :

Google search for the broad term and find out the google suggestion term at the bottom of the first page.

For example :

Google/ Pinterest/ Youtube suggestion

In the same, you can analyse Pinterest or youtube suggestion to generate more content ideas.

8. Use online tools like Ubersuggest, Buzzsumo :

Buzzsumo and ubersuggest help you to generate more content ideas. These tools help you to analyse social engagement, shares and backlinks which will help you to choose a better topic for your content.

Have you filled with more content ideas? Don’t chuck them in the bin. Save all your content ideas in notepad or in whatever format you like and have a glance whenever you need it.

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