STOP DOING THIS : Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use or ot

STOP DOING THIS : Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use or

Yes, a short URL will help you to increase your clicks and visitors to your site.

But, you should stop using it.

keep reading to know why?

if you use it means you are leaving the way to your competitor to easily spy on your site.

Wondering how?

Copy and paste URL in google and enter “+” next at the end of shorten URL and press enter where you can find all analytics about your page.

Don’t allow your competitor to spy on your site.

How you can use this (short URL) to spy on your competitor sales?

With this technique, you could find competitor referral traffic. This will help you to get the idea to bring referral traffic for your website.

Also, you can spy on your competitor campaign promotion.

Before proceeding this you should first know either your competitor is utilizing short link.


Keep reading to check whether your competitor is utilizing short link

How to find whether your competitor is utilizing a short link?

It is very simple. Use site searches in google to find it.

For example : site: |

Here we have analysed short link.

If someone doesn’t know about site search, this is very simple. Now we asked google to bring or short link text from the website.

This search brings 22 results.

So now you can analyse each link to get an idea.

To find your competitor contest campaign short link you can use below site search

For example : site: | Contest “win *”

The above site search will help you get your competitor contest short link for analysis. This brings text contains or along with contest and win from the website.


Keep spying your competitor short link and stop using on your own post to avoid competitors to spy on your website data.

An alternative for URL shortener : is the tool that helps you to generate a short URL with Unexposed Data, Unlike Other Providers.

Still, are you using or short URL on your post? Comment why? We would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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