Top Podcast Directories To Widen Your Podcast Distribution

Podcast directories

Top Podcast Directories To Widen Your Podcast Distribution

In the evolution of the online world, podcasting growing in popularity and becoming the most pivotal of storytelling medium

A podcast is a series of spoken word digital audio files that people/subscribers can listen from any device.

“We can say that podcast is like your own personal radio station”

How it is important to digital marketing?

In this digital era, a podcast is a great tool to partner with your digital marketing strategy. It has major SEO benefits thanks to the episodes you posted usually link back to your site.

According to the Edison research “there are 62 million Americans listening to the podcast each week”

Apart from driving traffic, podcast fetch you numerous benefits and there are:

  • You can become a better communicator
  • Connect with influencers
  • Earn money through affiliate marketing
  • Knock-in more opportunities
  • It is less competitive compare to other social media networks

Top Podcast directories

One of the main goals of the podcaster is to achieve ample visibility. Therefore, you have to widen your distribution network. More places users find your shows; the better chance to nurture the subscribers and listeners.

Top Effective Software For Recording Podcasts To Plug In To More People

Here listed the top and most popular podcast directories:

  1. Spotify

Spotify has over 299 million listeners across 92 marketers worldwide. It listed the thousands of podcasters including various categories like marketing, lifestyle, news, comedy, sports and recreation, and more.

Spotify podcast

2. Apple Podcast

Apple podcast is the world’s largest podcast platform with over one million shows across a wide variety of categories and subcategories. It’s available in 175 countries and regions.

Recently, new Apple podcasts embed player offers you a way to showcase your podcast on a website.

Apple Podcast

3. Google Podcasts

Another most popular and widely used podcast network. With Google podcast, you can listen and broadcast on multiple devices – phone, laptop, smart speaker – without losing your place.


4. Stitcher Podcasts

It was founded in 2007, Stitcher app is one of the most popular podcast listening apps. Users can listen to, download, and discover podcasts through apps on iOS, Android, and websites.


5. TuneIn podcasts

TuneIn podcast is the one of popular audio streaming service delivering live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to over 60 million monthly active users.

You can explore the wide range of podcasts like comedy, education, food & cooking, history, science, technology, and many more.


Apart from top podcasting directories, you should know other famous directories:

6. Audioburst

Audioburst is transforming the discovery, distribution, and personalization of talk audio. Unique AI algorithm automatically indexes talk audio at scale to create short, topical segments of information for search and playlists.


7. Blubrry Podcasting

Blubrry transforms from the independent podcaster to the commercial podcast network. Now helping 100,000+ podcasters with hosting, distribution, audience statistics, and other tools they need to start their own, publish, and market their podcasts.


8. Himalaya

Himalaya is premium podcasts offering 7 days free trails further, you can support on a monthly basis. Himalaya Learning is an audio-first educational platform featuring courses taught by world-class experts and industry leaders.


9. Women in Podcasting

It started in 2005, after becoming one of the first Women to teach blogging and podcasting in the US and China. This directory features female podcasters so you’ll either need to be a female host or have a female co-host to be accepted.


10. Plex Podcast

Plex podcast currently supported on Android, Android Auto, iOS, Roku, Sonos, Chromecast, and the Web App. Plex offering  services of listen offline, Easily import the whole list through OPML.


Podcast not only help to achieve the personal brand of yourself, but it also attains a stronger relationship between you and your audiences.

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