Effective Tips To Create a Powerful Marketing Message

Effective tips to create powerful marketing message

Effective Tips To Create a Powerful Marketing Message

Creating a marketing message is one of the most important tasks in marketing.

Are you sending the right marketing message to your customer?

Effective tips to create powerful marketing message

Here are some effective tips for you to create a powerful marketing message.

  1. Marketing message = company mission statement and value.

You’re marketing message should contain the company mission statement and value you’re giving to your customer.

Do you have your company mission statement?

If not it’s time to create your company mission statement. The company mission statement is nothing but (why your company exist) goal of your company.

Value – > Why your customer should choose you over your competitors.

Your marketing message should reflect your USP and goal of your company.

2. Define your target market – Have deep research on your current customer

You should research your current customer and understand why they buy your products or services and what they like from you?

The better you understand your target market, you can create your marketing message effectively which will result in an increase in ROI.

Data you should compile to define your target market :

Age, Location, Language, Interests, Challenges, size of your customer business and decision-maker.

3. Research Competitor Messaging :

Spy on your competitor analysis at least 1-2 times per month and learn from their mistakes.

How to analyse competitor messaging?

Analyze your competitor and find out your following points :

Competitor’s core message – > what problem they solve and how they communicate their solution.

Competitor’s taglines – > which you can find out from their ads, social profile and page titles.

Questions to consider while doing competitor message?

  • What clients do they highlight?
  • What are their unique selling points?
  • To whom they are talking with?

If you can add Humor in your marketing message, Just do it. Make your customer laugh loud so that they can remind you longer.

By analysing your competitor messaging, you can compel better and effective messaging.

  1. Connect with your customer : 

Your marketing message should clearly speak to your customer problem and your solution to their problem. Your marketing message shouldn’t contain some big words. Make sure to keep your marketing message simple and effective and convey your brand-ability that customers take action.

  1. Create an Emotional Connection – Make it personal : 

“Emotional Connection is the most predictive driving force behind brand purchasing decisions and the long-term loyalty of consumers.” –  According to a Business Wire study

95 percent of purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious mind. So it is important to create an emotional connection with your customer and never afraid to make it personal. 

Tips to create an emotional connection :

  • Storytelling is a strong and powerful tool to trigger the emotional center in our brain. Use that effectively in your marketing message
  • Create a strong social media presence.
  • Be genuine

  6 . Need to be genuinely attention-grabbing : 

Be genuine and solve people’s problem. To connect with your customer it is important to think about the customer problem rather than leads or marketing cycle.

Be less “PROFESSIONAL” and Be more “PERSONAL”

Yes, to build a strong brand you first need to create a relationship with your customer. To build a strong relationship it is important to be more personal.

      7. Create a Genuine Sense of Urgency in your marketing message :

You want your customer to act quickly. Isn’t it?

In that case, try to create a genuine sense of urgency by using terms like” only 3 left” or “ offer end soon” or “Offer valid only today”.

        8. Promote your testimonials :

Your testimonial creates trust in your brand. Encourage your existing customers to provide feedback and use your feedback to attract new customers.

According to Nielsen research, “92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.”

Summing up all points so that you can check whether your marketing message is effective :

1. Make sure that your marketing message is the combination of your company mission statement and goals.
2. talk directly to your customer and provide a solution to your customer’s problem.
3. Be simple and Genuine.
4. Connect personally.
5. Create a Genuine Sense of Urgency
6. Create your brand story, Strong social presence to connect with your customer.
7. Promote your testimonials.

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