Email Marketing Strategies That Really Works & Boosts Engagement

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies That Really Works & Boosts Engagement

Email marketing channels continue to offer wide room for creativity, innovation, and experimentation by creating highly personalized email campaigns.  According to the data marketing association, 77 percent of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered email campaigns.

Why Your Business Need Email Marketing?

Did you know that? In this digital world, 38 billion people using email and it’s the best way to reach and provide value to prospects and customers. Email marketing unlocks the personalized engagement with your audiences. Businesses can promote, educate, and generate awareness about your brands that help the customers to make a purchasing decision.

Strategies of Email Marketing

Advanced Personalization

When it comes to successful email marketing campaigns, personalization is the key. While segmentation the email list makes sure to include the recipient’s first name in the email subject or body of the content. By leveraging the new machine learning and data science-based automation tool, you can ability to harness the data to send the relevant information to audiences/ prospects in a more personal way that mentions making them feel you care.

According to a recent study done by campaign monitor states that “Emails with personalized mentions are 26% more likely to opened and get six times higher transaction rates.” Another study found that “Advanced personalization mail gets 179% more CTR than conventional mails”

Text-Only Emails

Text-only emails are still relevant and equally play an impactful role in a well-grounded email marketing strategy. A combination of personalization and text-only emails will be like sending mail to friends that help audiences to stay subscribed to your email newsletters. You can also try some GIFs, memes, blog links, and video links to get the maximum effect. Our primary goal is here to make audiences to stay connected on a personalized and deeper level.

Benefits of Text-only emails:

  • Get rid of spam filters
  • It reduces privacy and security risk by not loading any images and irrelevant links.
  • It will be effective even audiences have little to no bandwidth.

Engaging and Interactive Content

Interactive and engaging content can make your audiences take certain actions. Also, it will help you to build awareness and provide more value for your audience. Here, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) gives an extra edge to give interactive emails. For example, if your business promotes a product, you can include carousel images and shopping options in the email with the help of AMP. So, this will reduce a muffle at the same time it will make it easier for customers to make a purchase. Therefore, an interactive email reflects higher conversion rates for your business.

“Reaching the inbox is not your goal, engaging people is – Matt Blumberg”

Some other tips to create an interactive email:

  • By incorporating the videos – Like How-to videos and educational content can grab the attention.
  • Surveys – It will help to get the feedback and segmentation of your prospects/audience.

Leveraging Automation

In this digital era, automation helps to achieve and saves your precious time. By taking advantage of email marketing automation tools, you can send personalized, hyper-relevant, and timely emails to your audiences. According to the study automated emails can get 119 percent higher click-through rates (CTR) than promotional emails and also companies get 60% conversion rates through sending automated birthday email offers to people. The practice of sending automated and targeted emails to your audiences allows you to continue to engage with them and not to be left-back.

Practices of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns:

Welcome Mail – Once the customers subscribed to your newsletter, you can send automated welcome mail even can offer a surprise discount or offers to newly subscribed customers that compel them to make a buying decision.

Birthday Surprise – Offering discounts on customer’s birthday

Feedback Mail – Once the customers are done with the purchase, you can gather product feedback that will help to a deep understanding of customer’s perception about your products/ services or brand.

Remainder Mail – Sending the email campaigns informing them about subscription, account activities, and payment of bills about to expire or run out.


In email marketing campaigns, ensuring an audience feels secure is another key factor. For that, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) email disclaimer is the perfect way to ensure another level of trust to any audiences/recipients you send emails to in the EU and EEA.  At the time of origin, most of the marketers worry about the GDPR but positively it streamlines the email marketing practices. A study found that “41 percent of marketers saw a decrease in unsubscribe or opt-out rates and 55 percent decreased spam complaints, also 75% increased in CTR as well”. Therefore, a GDPR guideline builds trust & credibility about your brand.

GDPR Guidelines:

  • Before adding your subscription list get consent from respective users.
  • Add your detailed privacy policy providing detailed information about the data you collect, reassure the data will be safe, and also include the opt-in and out the subscription form.
  • The consent email should end with a precise CTA button. For example, like invite audiences to take the next step “OPT-ME IN”.

By following these practices can makes you sway over new customers and also your subscribers will be happy to take the decision either “yes or no”.

Bottom Line

Email marketing campaigns are invariably an excellent way to grab and engage audiences to stay connected with your brand or business. By following the above-mentioned strategies, you can create a high-performing email campaign that drives your audiences towards a specific goal or action.

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