How to Create A Strong USP for Your Business

How to Create A Strong USP for Your Business

Every business‘s sole objective is to make a profit. To achieve this you need to be unique from others. Your Unique selling point or Unique selling propositions make you differentiate and stand out from your competitors

USP should answer the following questions

  • How you are special from others?
  • What makes you special?
  • How you are different from everyone else in the market?

In Business plan itself, you should clearly craft your USP and enclosed the following elements:

  • Identify your target audience and market
  • You should analyze the competitors and industry trends
  • What products or services are you going to offer?
  • How that products or services benefited your customers?
  • What problem you are going to solve?
  • Continue monitoring the new trends and competitors

Strong unique selling point helps you to attract and retain the customers and it also gives an edge over the competitors.

Here listed the best ways to develop the strong USP to your business

  1. Ahead with your qualities.
  2. Deliver with clear and confident
  3. Amplify your words
  4. Be the Win-Win situation

Ahead with your qualities

When it comes to USP (Unique selling proposition) should be entirely unique from your competitors. Your unique quality can make you from your competitors.

For example, if you take Maggie noodles, Their USP is it can be prepared in 2 minutes.It clearly shows that the unique qualities stand out among your competitors.

Deliver with clear and confident

A unique selling proposition is not only unique about the company but also unique for you. First, you should clear and deeply knowledgeable about your products or services which you offering.

For example, let’s take the mutual fund Industry.

  • First, you have a clear understanding of which types of funds going to pitch- It will be equity or debt
  • You know about the expense ratio of the fund
  • Who is managing a particular fund?

So, like this everything you should clear before the pitch to your prospects or customers.

The more you learned about your product(s) or service(s) better prepared you are. It also gives you the confidence to pitch to your customers.

Amplify your words

Your unique selling proposition should amplify with well-structured words. You may feel skeptical about using exaggerated words, but it will show how you are confident and in faith about your products or services.

Using Amplifying words may stimulate the urgency and encourage your customers to show interests on your products or services

Words like “ only, best, greatest, biggest“. It gives you an extra sensation about your business.

Be the Win-Win situation

Your unique selling proposition should be focused more on customer’s post-purchase experiences instead of only on the benefits of the products or service.

It means “How they are going to feel once they start using your products or services”

For example, let’s take the same mutual fund industry. Instead of giving priority to the fund’s nature and performance, you should focus more on the customer’s benefits like “it will be more helpful at the time of your retirement” “you can achieve your dreams goals” and “ give your child a promising future”.

You can see the significant difference between the way of pitching about the products or services.

More you tell about the reality that will be better engaging to your customers and prospects and should not be like a force to inject. A unique selling proposition should be a win-win situation for both your business and customer.

Digitally Vibed USP :

we spend quality time with clients which helps us to understand their need and to provide unique digital marketing solution to them that provide higher ROI and higher online visibility.

  • Higher ROI
  • Higher online visibility
  • Effective client communication
  • Unique strategy
  • Affordable price

Bottom line

Creates a Unique selling point, which stands out from the crowds. Getting inside of your potential customers put yourself in their shoes and make them know about your quality, the importance of your products or service. Make them engaging and gives efficient services that they can’t resist.











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