How To Create Instagram Carousel Post With Canva

How To Create Instagram Carousel Post With Canva

Instagram carousel post is a highly interactive and eye-catching design that stands out from your competitor.

When you publish a carousel post you can check small icons on the right corner and small dots appear at the bottom of the post.

Before creating an Instagram, carousel post you should make sure to have an answer for the following question :

  • What is your concept?
  •  Decide how many frames you need
  • What is the size of the poster?
  • What are the images you’re going to choose?
  • What is the font style, background colour for your poster?

 Steps to create Instagram carousel post :

Step 1 : Go to canva – > https://www.canva.com/

Step 2: Click custom dimension

Carousel post using CanvaStep 3 :

Select the dimensions in the custom dimensions.

Step 4 :

Select show rulers which will be shown under file option

Carousel post using Canva

Step 5 :

Divide the poster to separate frame using rulers as shown in the image below

Step 6 :

Once it is divided you can start working on your post by adding your images and captions.

Canva poster

Step 7: To download your jpg click download

Step 7 : Once you complete that you can crop your frame using https://pinetools.com/split-image

Upload your long post and mention the number of blocks. Now you can download your frame separately by mentioning the blocks quantity.

Hope you find this article useful to create your Instagram carousel post. Stay tuned @ Digitally Vibed Facebook page to get more Digital marketing tips.

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