How to Improve Your CTR and quality score in AdWords?

How to Improve Your CTR and quality score in AdWords?

Getting less quality score always increase your CPC which leads to “HIGH INVESTMENT WITH NO ROI”

No Worries, this post will help you to improve your CTR and quality score.

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Let’s go into the post now.

Getting good quality score is not a big deal. First, let me clear you how Google calculates quality score.

Quality score is set to each keyword which is based on keyword performance, search query, location and search network.

Apart from this Quality score is depends on the following factors:

  • Ad Relevancy
  • Landing page experience
  • Click through rate

Historical CTR is the major factor which determines quality score. You have to maintain good CTR for a longer period.

Make sure to have tightly relevant keywords in an ad group and keyword relevant to the landing page.

How to check CTR?

You have to select the CTR metric column to modify the column.

Adwords CTR

Improve Your ROI By Following These Powerful Tips to Maintain Your Above Average CTR :

  • Compelling Ad Copy :
  • Make use of All Ad Extension :
  • Tightly themed keywords in Ad Group
  • Optimize Your Bid Regularly
  • Correct Use Of Call to Action in Ad copy
  • Capitalize your ad Title in ad copy
  • Use Keyword in URL
  • Create Urgency in Ad copy
  • Optimize search keyword regularly
  • Analyze competitor
  • Use Retargeting

Compelling Ad Copy :

    Before writing the ad copy you should understand your audience need and problems. Make sure to mention audience problem and solutions in your ad copy. Though mentioning the keyword in ad copy is important for the quality score it should be important to write ad copy for your audience. Before compelling your ad make sure to attain your audience interest by accomplishing audience need.

Make sure to add emotions such as fear, anger, Urgency in your ad copy which will automatically improve your CTR.

Ad copy to improve your CTR

Make use of All Ad extension :

Making use of all ad extension will give you immediate impact on CTR. Ad extension will provide additional information to your audience which will influence your visitors to click on the ad. Adding new ad extension will uplift your CTR up to 10%-15%. Make sure to add highly relevant and quality ad extension to add value to your visitors.

Various type of ad extension are :

  • Sitelink extension
  • Callout extension
  • Structure snippet extension
  • Call extension
  • Message extension
  • Location extension
  • Affiliate location extension
  • Price extension
  • App extension
  • Promotion extension

Tightly themed keywords in Ad group :

Make sure to organize your keywords in the tightly themed campaign and ad group. Best practice to have the minimum of 5 keywords to a maximum of 20 keywords in the ad group. Highly theme ad group will help you to maintain better CTR.

Optimize Your Bid Regularly:

To optimize your bid analyze which keyword, device and location are meeting your objective and optimize your bid.

Optimize your bid based on your objective. If your objective is to drive more sales to ask these question to yourself :

Which keywords are driving you more conversion?

Which device is driving you more conversion?

Which location and time your ads are driving more conversion?

Which keyword Is not driving you any conversion but wasting money on that?

Now Analyze your campaign report to get answers for the above-mentioned question and optimize your bid based on your answers.

There is no doubt that ad appears on top performs more clicks than the bottom. Adjust your bid to bring your ad top for the keywords which meeting your objective.

Correct Use Of Call to Action in Ad copy :

    All marketing material should have the correct call to action to make the customer take action.

If you haven’t started using Call to action in ad copy yet, add it now to grasp attention.

How to use perfect Call to action in ad copy :

  • Use a simple call to action
  • Combine call to action with keywords
  • Use call to action with offers
  • Use Call to action with urgency

Capitalize your ad Title in ad copy :

Capitalize your ad title in ad copy to grasp the attention of your visitor. It is proven fact that usage of capitalization in ad copy will improve your CTR.

Use Keyword in URL :

Adwords providing you 30 character in display URL. The major mistake done by all marketers is not making use of display URL properly. Making use of display URL with proper Keywords will improve your CTR.

Create Urgency in Ad Copy :

Set the deadline and create scarcity for your service or provide. This will increase fear of missing out that service or product among the audience which automatically improves your CTR.

How to create scarcity for your service from your ad copy?

Use keywords in ad copy such as Hurry, Limited time, Today only, Now to create a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency will create fear of missing out among the audience that will improve your CTR.

Include offer on your ad copy with the keyword which will add value to your audience

Use countdown customizers in ad copy to showcase your countdown automatically in ad copy. Countdown customizer will make the customer take action on ad immediately.

How to add countdown customizer In your ad copy :

Type “={“ in your headline 1 and select countdown option in the drop-down.

How to add Count down Customer in adcopy

Fill ends time and start time to set up countdown timer in ad copy to improve your CTR.

Optimize your search keyword regularly:

Review your search term regularly to add negative keyword and positive keyword. Analyze which keyword is performing well and raise their bid periodically. Disqualifying keywords regularly will prevent your ad in displaying unrelated search term. Displaying your ad to relevant keywords will improve your CTR.

When the right amount of crowd gets to see the ad, the maximum of them tend to click out of the received impression.

Analyze competitor:

Analyze your competitor unique selling point and mention how you can be better than your competitor to your audience. This is will make your visitors to do action on your ad.

Use RLSA :

Displaying your ad to the audience who left your site without doing action will be a good strategy to improve your CTR and sales. Increase the bid to your RLSA.

How to setup RLSA: Add the remarketing tag to your website to get RLSA list in your website.

This will help you to improve your CTR in AdWords.

Above are a few mentioned points that you have to follow to improve your CTR. If you want to add more value to the post kindly share

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