What Do SEO Companies Do?

What do seo companies do

What Do SEO Companies Do?

What exactly you do? This is most often question all SEO companies get it from clients.

As one of the fast growing SEO company in Chennai, this blog is our attempt to make everyone to understand about SEO process

Are you the one with the same question?

Keep reading to get what SEO companies do and how it improves your business revenue.

What is SEO :

SEO is the process of generating more organic traffic to your website and increase your visibility which results in more leads, phone calls and sales. We make sure to do some design changes or content changes to the website that attracts potential customer.

What SEO Companies do :

  1. Research
  2. Competitor research
  3. SEO audit
  4. Keyword research
  5. Content creation and promotion
  6. Report generation and analysis
  7. A/B testing

SEO companies in Chennai

SEO Output :

When user search for service or product it is important for all business to make sure that their website is getting ranked for all relevant keywords.

Our SEO results :

Website :

Keyword : birthday party organisers in chennai

Our SEO results

Research :

Every industry is different and all industry needs a unique SEO strategy to improve online presence. This is the main reason why SEO companies like us hesitate to give a prediction.

Before starting the project all SEO firms will research the industry and come up with a unique strategy.

Competitor analysis :

SEO firm does competitor analysis to get the opportunity and find which keyword is generating higher ROI for the client’s competitor.

SEO audit :

SEO company perform SEO audit which includes various SEO factors like On-page and off-page, usability and messaging.

Keyword Research:

Finding the right keyword is the most important part of SEO. SEO company help clients in finding the right keyword with higher monthly search and lower competition.

SEO experts will find out different keywords for different customer journey.

Content creation and promotion :

SEO experts help clients in creating effective content and promoting it. It is an SEO company responsibility to create content to generate more engagement and attract links for the website

Report Generation and analysis:

Generating reports not only help clients to understand the results and progress but also helps SEO companies to examine the results and enhance the online presence by tracking metrics like bounce rate, new visitors, geolocation and so on.

A/B Testing :

Based on the above report SEO experts will do A/B testing to understand the best performing designs and content.

Why business should hire an SEO company ?

Your website is your first impression. It is important for all business to have a strong online presence. All business should hire an SEO company to make their website more discoverable so that business can focus on its core value.

SEO Company will have enough knowledge and experience to make a better decision and to create an effective SEO strategy.

How to find the best SEO company?

  • Ask for previous work before hiring a SEO company for your business.
  • Clearly define your SEO goal so that SEO company can able to work with you to achieve your business goal.

Mistakes you should avoid when choosing an SEO company :

  • Falling for attractive sales pitch and presentation.
  • Choose a cheap SEO company
  • Not doing proper research on the company

About Digitally Vibed :

Digitally Vibed is the fast-growing digital marketing company with a team of experts. Our dedicated team of experts is constantly providing the best SEO strategy to get better SEO results.

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