Everything You Need To Know About Youtube Shorts Videos

youtube shorts

Everything You Need To Know About Youtube Shorts Videos

One of the newest and coolest features of Youtube is “Youtube Shorts”. After the success of TikTok and Instagram reels, youtube roll out the short-video feature on its own.

What Is Youtube Shorts?

It is one type of video that enables the users can produce and upload vertical short-form videos duration must be up to 60 seconds or less. It also has the additional features of video segmenting, application-based video recording, and adding music overlays.

How to Create Youtube Shorts?

You can find youtube shorts by clicking the Add icon button. Once the youtube shorts is initialized, can create and publish the youtube shorts video.

Steps to create youtube shorts:

  • After clicking the “Create a Short” then press the “Record” button to record a video.
  • You can also upload a pre-contented video from a camera roll.
  • Edit the video Adjust the video speed and add background music to the video which is available on the youtube library platform.
  • Once you have done the editing part, now pick a target audience type. On the “Add Details Window”, tap the select audience type by clicking the radio button.
  • Enter a title for the video in the title field and the description box, you can add the #Shorts to help youtube understand that you are created a youtube shorts video and also to know the audience about the type of video.
  • Upload the video by tapping the right upper corner of the screen.

Benefits of Youtube Shorts Video For Businesses

As you see in this digital world, social media is an inevitable part of the human lifestyle. Therefore, digital marketers and businesses can leverage this shorts video content to reach & engage their target audiences.

As per statistics data “60% of businesses use video marketing as a marketing tool and 36 percent of marketers make videos at least a week and up to extent 14% of marketers makes a video every day”

Mass Reach– Youtube is the second largest search engine globally after Google and it has a huge audience that brings in people from all sorts of age groups, regions, industries, and business niches. Your youtube shorts video content can get more impression and engagement on youtube.

Attention Span– Shorts videos take out only 15 to 60 seconds. So, people may don’t skip or hesitate to watch a short video. Also, it will be more compelling to those people who have a shorter attention span.

Higher Retention– Creating shorter videos will have higher retention than long-form conventional videos. Also, shorter videos intrigue people much and also tend to remember the information than longer videos.

Saves time– Businesses or digital marketers do not need to spend hours long research on creating the content, youtube shorts can be extremely helpful and provide long-term benefits.

Remember the following points when preparing for short videos:

  • Don’t forget optimization – Perfect title, descriptions, and hashtags will trigger the youtube algorithm to increases the chances of short videos appearing on the feed.
  • Identify & Create Short form topics – Like quick tips, How-to videos, and data points. You can repurpose your old content by creating a short.
  • Analyze the performance– Go to youtube studio, you can view the analytics includes an overview, watch time, subscribers, and estimated revenue are displayed. (Go to YouTube Studio > Analytics > Reach > Traffic source)

Can I Able to Monetize the Youtube Shorts Video?

No, Youtube shorts videos are currently not supported monetization. As per YT statement, “Youtube basically gets revenue by premium subscription and youtube advertisements. If a video is watched as a YouTube Short it does not generate revenue for them”.

Also famous YouTuber Shaun McKnight’s post about monetization, “Youtube said that there is no intention for shorts monetization anywhere in the near future. In addition to that, YT said shorter videos maximum view time is less than 60 seconds, and also watch sessions would likely be negatively affected

Bottom Line

People tend attracts to short-form videos and businesses can leverage that as part of digital marketing strategy can be the perfect move. So, let’s move forward and start experimenting with youtube shorts video.

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